Instagram Announces Chronological Order Will Finally Return In 2022

Instagram reveals chronological order will return to our timelines in 2022.

Source: Instagram / Instagram Reels

In October of 2010, our social media lives were changed forever when Instagram launched its photo sharing application to the world. Before we knew it, everyone was documenting their days and sharing pictures, giving us another unique look into their lives. Soon after, our favorite brands were using the app along with our favorite celebrities, showing us all that Instagram was here for good and not just a fad.

A few years later, Facebook would purchase the app and continue to see unprecedented growth we hadn’t seen since Facebook itself was launched. In 2017, Instagram made its most controversial change yet, switching away from chronological order, marking perhaps the first time we saw the Instagram community collectively object to a change. Many believed the change was to force businesses and influencers to pay for Facebook ads to have their business post seen by the right audiences.

Now, Engadget reports that after nearly four years, Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced the platform is bringing a version chronological order back to our timelines in 2022.

“We’re currently working on a version of a chronological feed that we hope to launch next year,” Mosseri said, adding that the company has been working on the feature “for months.” He didn’t share additional details about how such a feed would work, but said that the company is “targeting the first quarter of next year” for a launch.

At last, we return to the promiseland of seeing things in order and not having to hear our friends claim we don’t engage with their content when we really just do’nt see it. It’s not world peace, but it’s the closest thing to it in this social media era.

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