I’m a parenting expert and this is how you should talk to kids about sex

    For the majority of parents, this is the most dreaded time in their child’s life – that awkward sex talk.

    But, according to Aly Pain, a parenting expert, it doesn’t always have to be that way and there are two key things to remember when the day finally comes.

    ”So you just caught your teen doing the nasty or looking it up online, either way, here’s one thing you must know about having a conversation with your teen about this.

    ”The physical and physiological changes that are going on for them are natural and normal,” she emphasized.

    ”Curiosity, urges, physical awareness, physical changes, feeling awkward – all f those things are awesome and normal.”

    Aly then explained that what the teenagers then decide to with those things is where the conversation lies.

    ”You can start to impart your value system and ask what theirs is.”

    Getting curious, she added, is far more important than preaching.

    ”Without separating those two key elements, they feel bad, dirty, guilty and shameful about a change that they have no control over.”

    One parent wrote: ”I’ve been normalizing ALL of it since they asked about babies when they were 3-5… so much easier to talk to kids about things that were never taboo.”

    Another thought: ”I really think while we raise our kids we should remember what it was like at their age and be as open as possible.

    ”Make it comfy and approachable.”

    ”Open and honest communication from a young age is extremely important, none of my kids hide anything from me we talk about anything and everything,’ a fellow parent shared.

    ”You are going to be my savior,” a fan thanked.

    Plus, read why Aly Pain doesn’t use track and trace apps with her teenage kids – ”they do more damage than good”.

    Also, these are the mistakes that are making your kids entitled nightmares.

    Meanwhile, parents reveal they feel guilty about one aspect of their lives – and it’s more relatable than you think.

    This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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