I’m a Fashion Editor—Here’s the Outdated Denim I’m Skipping

Denim is core to my wardrobe and has been for all of my life. Growing up in Arizona, jeans were part of my everyday uniform, and not much has changed when I moved to NYC to  L.A. Whether I’m slipping into jeans with a tee or wearing it head-to-toe (as evidenced by the outfit above), I consider myself a denim connoisseur after wearing the pieces on repeat my whole life.

That being said, my collection of denim had grown to be a bit too large for my apartment, so I recently donated a big chunk of my jeans in a closet cleanout. Through a try-on session, it occurred to me which styles I’m gravitating toward these days and the styles I haven’t worn in a while. The latter got the cut. Ahead, see the five outdated pieces I’m throwing out and the five key denim trends you’ll now find in my closet.

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