I’m 5’3” and I Think Zara Has the Best High-Street Jeans

In days gone by, Zara was not the place to shop if you were shorter than average. It used to be a running joke that you’d have to be a supermodel to wear the brand’s trousers. But over the past few years, something has changed, as Zara’s now one of the best places to shop for jeans on the high street. It all started with a pair of blue cropped flares I bought three years ago. Not only do I still wear them, but I also find that I always get compliments on them. Then, this summer, I found the perfect pair of culottes—they fit great and feel good.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: I’ve only gone for the cropped styles, so of course they’re going to fit. But ever the intrepid investigative journalist, I decided that a bigger sample was needed, so I tried on more pairs to see whether I was right. Spoiler alert: They were all flattering, comfortable and pieces I’d want to keep in my wardrobe for a long, long time. Keep scrolling to see my verdict on every pair of Zara jeans I love and then shop the jeans below.

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