I work at a hotel and this is why you should never use the plates in the room

    Using the crockery in your hotel room is common practice for people who are spending a night away.

    But a hotel worker has revealed why you should never use a plate in your room.

    Reddit user RedRose_812, who works at a boutique hotel, said their hotel has rooms with kitchenettes, which include plates, cutlery and pans.

    They revealed that the cleanliness of a lot of the guests was below the standard they would expect.

    They wrote: “It was fairly common for people to use the dishes in the kitchenette and then just put them back in the cabinet without washing them.

    “For reference, the hotel provided dishes (two to three plates and bowls, etc), silverware, and a couple of cooking pots, pans and utensils.

    “And each room also has a mini dishwasher and the hotel provided both detergent for that and regular dish soap for hand washing dishes.

    “I really didn’t mind finding dishes in the sink. I could pop them in the dishwasher and it wasn’t a big deal.

    “But to put dirty, crusty dishes away like you hadn’t used them? Who does that? GROSS.”

    One person commented on the post, and said it makes them “shudder” to think what those people live like at home.

    They wrote: “Makes you wonder about those people’s habits in general.

    “Like, are there families out there that literally do not wash dishes? It’s just years of crusty food? I shudder to think.”

    If you really need to use them, make sure to give them a good scrub first.

    You should also never use the glasses in the room without washing them, according to staff.

    User WitcherofWallStreet previously warned: “Never trust glass in rooms. [Cleaning staff] are so stretched thin on time that they will clean the glasses with the same rags they clean the bathroom, after all their goal is to make the room look clean.

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    This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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