I used out-of-date fake tan and it turned me totally green, I looked like Shrek

    One fake tan fanatic was unpleasantly surprised when she work up completely green and realized the product she used had expired.

    Laura Barraclough tells of the shock she got when she figured out that the fake tan was out of date.

    Taking to her TikTok account, Laura shared pictures of her “tan-tanstrophy”.

    Posting under the domain @lorabaracluf, the woman showed the green tan was also streaky as there was a huge white patch where her underwear line would be.

    Other spots that were missed include a patch on her wrist as if she was wearing a watch and her feet were also snow white.

    “In the caption of the post, Laura said “tan fail” “green tan” and “Shrek.

    The post has been viewed over 82k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

    “Wait I’m so confused is it a spray tan or dirt tan” commented one person.

    Another added: “You wanted to be Shrek.”

    “Called being out of date” commented a third.

    Laura Barraclough's leg
    Laura Barraclough posted about the experience on TikTok calling it a “tanfail” and saying she looked like “Shrek.”
    Credit: Tiktok/@lorabaracluf

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