How to Give Yourself a Cryotherapy Facial at Home — Recommended Tools and Tips

    “Most ice globes on the market contain a gel-like substance that cools to a low temperature,” explains Dr. Zeichner. “However, they are not damaging to the skin in the same way that holding an ice cube to your face could be. Excessive exposure to cold temperatures can lead to frostbite in the skin or damage to underlying fat. In fact, it’s well-documented that children who leave ice pops inside their mouths for extended periods of time can cause fat atrophy in the cheek.”

    One of New York City’s aestheticians, Georgia Louise, who is a longtime fan of cryotherapy tools, concurs. “Store them in the freezer and, before each use, run them under room temperature water to remove any frost. Let them sit for five minutes before rolling them over the face and neck.” 

    For application, Louise recommends moving the tools continuously over the skin for between five to 10 minutes rather than placing them on one area for too long.

    The best techniques for using ice globes and other cryotherapy tools

    If we’ve all but sold you on bringing ice globes into your routine, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some simple techniques to maximize on their cheekbone-contouring benefits.

    Step 1: Create slip on the skin 

    First things first: Apply a moisturizing serum or facial oil onto freshly-cleansed skin before using your cryotherapy tools. “You want to feel like they are gliding over the skin, as opposed to tugging,” says Louise.

    Step 2: Massage to firm the skin and facial muscles

    Cryotherapy tools are a great cheat if your facial muscles are begging for a massage. “Start by gliding the wands from the chin to the ears,” says Louise, whose tip for chiseled cheekbones is to lift from the corners of the nose up towards the ears. “Then sweep from the forehead to the ears. Repeat each section five to 10 times.”

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    Step 3: Lymphatic drainage

    Conversely, you can warm up your stainless steel cryotherapy tools to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Louise recommends submerging them in hot water for a few minutes [disclaimer: don’t try this with glass ice globes, as they will shatter]. 

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