Here’s What Happened When Simon Gifted Porsha With A Rolls-Royce Ghost

Big Money Simon!

We’ve reached the expensive ‘just because’ gift stage of Simon’s engagement to Porsha who he gifted a $398,000 Rolls-Royce Ghost in an impressive gesture that sent social media into a frenzy.

Naturally, Porsha posted the luxurious vehicle on her Instagram account along with photos of her loving on her wealthy hubby-to-be.

“The only way you win is if I quit!” she captioned the pics. “#ThankYouHubby #PhotoDump #LivingLife #ThePursuitOfPorsha #RRGhost,” she added.

Guobadia shared the same pics on his Instagram Story, posting a photo of both of their Rolls-Royce’s together captioned, “His and Hers.”

He also called Williams his “Queen” in a snap of her hugging him while sitting atop the car.

Soon after Williams flexed her new ride, fans dug up snaps of Guobadia’s ex-wife, Falynn Pina, standing next to a similar car that was also allegedly gifted from Simon in August 2020.

It didn’t take long for the internet to accuse Simon of regifting the luxury vehicle to Porsha who we doubt would accept another woman’s hand-me-downs

While both cars are platinum Rolls-Royce’s with orange interiors, Williams’ car is trimmed in black leather with 4 doors instead of just 2 like Pina’s Rolls-Royce Dawn.

Why Simon feels like he has to respond to everything, we may never know, but he reshared an Instagram story from @HighEndHaulz, the transportation service that delivered the car to his Atlanta mansion.

“Beautiful brand new Rolls Royce Ghost,” @HighEndHaulz captioned a pic of the car being dropped off. “Big congrats!”

Simon later added in TheShadeRoom’s comments that the car pictured alongside his ex is a Rolls-Royce Dawn, not Porsha’s Rolls Royce Ghost.

“Nice try folks lol. I’ve owned that 2-door RR Dawn since 2018 and STILL in my garage to this day lol. Love the pettiness though😂😂”

Do you think Porsha will eventually drive her new car out of Simon’s life? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter chitter-chatter on the flip.

“Is it me or does Simon have a pattern of giving Porsha things that resemble things he gave his ex wife Falynn. First the ring now the car. They look like twins. Did he have them wear the black cat suits too🤔🤔🤔Smh” – hmmm

“Porsha thinks she finessed with Simon, but i think that man is an even bigger finesser and is going to ruin her. or something close” – our fear as well

“It’s Porsha and Simon “twinning” with Rolls-Royces for me. Lemme eat my chips, live vicariously through them, and sleep” – we’re eating our chips too, sis

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