Here’s 29 Affordable Fashion Pieces I Trust Shopping Online

My job as a fashion editor doesn’t exactly aid in steering me away from spending absurd amounts of money on clothes. That said, I’ve had my (large) share of disappointments when shopping for new pieces, and they most always start with an online purchase. But let’s be honest, you simply can’t beat the convenience of shopping from your phone, so when I do venture out into the wild that is the Internet, I’m now scoping out pieces that look like the best of the best quality, without breaking the bank.

For starters, the “zoom” tool is your friend, and I highly suggest using it to get a closer look at the fabric of pieces you might be shopping. Specifically, you can determine whether or not patterns line up at the seams, which can be a testament o the quality of stitching. I also have to tip my hat to online retailers such as Net-A-Porter who oftentimes incorporate videos of its products on models so you can see the fabric in motion. Last, and certainly not least, the higher the content of natural fibers, the better. It’s pretty much my job to make things easier for you, though, so let’s start with the 29 pieces I’ve rounded up ahead. None of them cap at over $150, but trust me, you’ll feel super luxe wearing them.

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