Harmonist Perfume Fragrance Review—10 Harmonist Perfumes

I have a rule about expensive perfume: There had better be a good reason for it costing so much. As someone who views perfume as a form of art, I think that really good perfumes should be priced accordingly (because they are worth it!), but I also think that sometimes, that’s not what happens. 

That’s why I like The Harmonist. The brand’s perfumes don’t just smell good. They elevate the wearer by bringing them balance and, as the name suggests, harmony. Each Harmonist fragrance that I’ve tried is a unique, sensual experience that truly does capture equilibrium in a bottle. They’re also made with ethically sourced ingredients, which is something that not many fragrance houses can say. Below, I’ve rounded up the 10 Harmonist fragrances that I think would add a certain je ne sais quoi to your perfume collection—and I saved my favorites for last.

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