Florida-Man Caught On Camera Fighting Off Bear To Protect His Dogs [Video]

Walter Hickox fought off a bear that crashed onto the porch of his home in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Source: Francesco Riccardo Iacomino / Getty

We don’t have to remind you how wildly entertaining a place like Florida truly is. The majority of the wild stories that surface online came directly from that very state in a similar shape or fashion. Some of the stories leave us with a blank stare, like the Florida Man who went to war with Bird scooters and disabled almost every one in his area. Some stories are sadder, such as a father taking his son to do a drive by with a paintball gun, which ended tragically with real gun fire being returned.

Most these Florida Man videos are captured by chance, such as the latest one featuring Walter Hickox outside his Daytona Beach home. Walter was minding his business outside on his porch when a wild bear appears out of no where. In the Ring doorbell footage, Hickox has better reflexes than most of us and his quick thinking scares off the wild animal. Of course, his dogs by his side barking along with his yelling helped a lot, but the fact that he didn’t hesitate to fight a wild bear makes this another legendary video to file under the adventures of Florida Man.

You can watch the intense video for yourself below.

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