Flickering microwave lights revealed to be massive infestation

    Not what they meant by lighting up a “roach.”

    A Redditor had social media gagging after disclosing the revolting reason that his friend’s microwave lights were blinking. He shared the retch-worthy reveal to the forum’s r/Wellthatsucks thread, an online community with over 2.7 million users.

    “Tried to use the microwave at a friend’s place, and saw the numbers blinking so took a closer look,” reads the post, which was uploaded Tuesday by Reddit user SatynMalanaphy.

    The accompanying footage shows the food-warming accessory, which seems relatively normal aside from the volcanic layers of grease, and mysterious flickering green lights.

    However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the “blinking” is caused by dozens of tiny cockroaches swarming over the microwave’s digital time stamp a la “Men in Black.” One of the insects can even be seen scurrying across the outside of the roach-riddled device.

    The puke-inducing post has racked up 2,500 comments with many gawkers offering advice on how to get rid of the “clock-roaches.”

    “I would just burn it all to the ground tbh,” suggested one Redditor, while another social media samaritan jokingly prescribed leaving “behind all the clothes and shoes and belongings you brought with you.”

    “Seriously, they need to throw that microwave in the spot where the Terminator died in T2,” advised another horrified viewer.

    The microwave had become a roach motel.

    One empathetic Redditor recalled a similar instance in which “there were cockroaches inside the timer in the oven and microwave” at their house.

    SatynMalanaphy replied in the comments that he found the insect invasion particularly vexing as the rest of the dwelling was fairly clean — although he admitted that his friend picked up the bugged machine at a pawn shop.

    The Redditor claims he has since thrown the bug box in the trash.
    The Redditor claims he has since thrown the bug box in the trash.
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    The poster claims they’ve since tossed the impromptu roach motel into the trash.

    Nonetheless, in the realm of roach infestations, this incident was imminently preferable to a 2019 case, in which a Chinese man discovered that around a dozen cockroaches had hatched in his ear like a fleshy incubator.

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