Family’s crafty way COVID-positive sister can join Christmas

    There’s no place like home for the holidays — even when you need to stay in a bubble during Christmas dinner.

    When Long Island resident Crista LaRock’s sister tested positive for COVID-19, the obvious answer may have been to uninvite her from the family’s Christmas dinner at their New Hyde Park home.

    Instead, though, the relatives came up with a more creative solution: Keep her encased in a closet-sized clear plastic bubble at the head of the table for the entirety of the feast.

    “My sister got COVID but we still wanted to safely include her in our holiday plans,” LaRock told Storyful. “We included my sister in a way that worked for us!”

    LaRock and her family didn’t include any non-immediate relatives in their celebration this year, she noted, clarifying that everyone in a video of the dinner “all live together and there were no extended family there.”

    The LaRock family put their COVID-positive sister in a bubble during Christmas dinner.
    Crista LaRock/Storyful

    A clip of the meal set to “Jingle Bell Rock” that she posted to TikTok went viral, racking up over 8.2 million views and 537,000 likes in just two days.

    “When your sister gets covid for Christmas…you get her a bubble!!!” she captioned the short video.

    "When your sister gets COVID for Christmas," the caption read.
    “When your sister gets COVID for Christmas,” the caption read.
    Crista LaRock/Storyful

    After receiving flack from internet denizens who determined the solution to be unsafe and insufficient, she further specified that “she was in the bubble to eat and spend little amounts of time in. This is what we as a family chose to do.”

    Still, many haters sounded off against the bubble fix, expressing that they “don’t think that works” in terms of protecting the rest of the family from infection.

    The family pets seemed confused.
    The family pets seemed confused.

    “Don’t care what anyone else says. This is very sweet,” one fan defended. “Shows u guys are a very close family and love each other so much.”

    “Tomorrow is never promised,” wrote another supporter. “This is awesome.”

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