Everything to Know About the Ombré Eyebrow Trend

There seems to be an endless buffet of brow treatments, whether it’s brow lamination, brow tinting, or even a brow freeze. But one seems to be popping up more frequently: ombré brows. And while ombré is a trend that’s made its way through hair, nails, and just about every other genre of beauty, you may need a little more of an explanation when it comes to brows. (TBH, same.)

“Ombré eyebrows—also known as powder brows—is a semi-permanent method of shading the brows,” explains Jennifer Sanchez, owner of Brows by Jenny Rose. “This technique will perfect the brow shape, fill in sparse areas, and, in most cases, replace the need to apply makeup to the eyebrows.” 

So what makes them ombré, you ask? “The tails of the brows are shaded darker and fade into light [toward the] beginning of the brow, giving a soft ombré makeup effect,” explains Sanchez. And like most treatments, the look is totally customizable. “The brows can be tailored to a natural look or bolder makeup look, depending on my client’s preference,” says the pro.

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