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Let’s be real: There are a lot of content creators out there. And it’s all too easy to get lost down a rabbit hole of morning routines, OOTDs, and workout regimens by people you’ve only vaguely heard of (or haven’t heard of at all, for that matter). But if you haven’t come across photographer and content creator Dylana Suarez yet, then allow me to save you some time—Suarez’s feed is 100% worth the scroll. (Her 207k followers are proof.) I’m here for her perfectly curated feed, but her impeccable style and beauty and wellness routines are really where it’s at. Take one scroll through her Instagram, and it’s obvious that Suarez is juggling a whole lot of responsibilities. Luckily for us, with great responsibility comes great advice. “The pressure to do too much is never effective,” says Suarez of her ongoing to-do list. It’s important to be patient with ourselves and to listen to our minds and bodies, even when we’re constantly feeling pressured to take on this and that.”

So how does this multitasker extraordinaire get through the day, you ask? “Balance is my number-one secret to getting everything done without sacrificing my mental and physical well-being,” she says. If you want to see what that looks like, keep scrolling. Suarez’s carefully crafted self-care routine (including the meals she’s making to stay focused and the supplements she relies on daily) is coming at you below.

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