Dog rescued after getting bitten while head was stuck in wall

    Life was the pits for this pit bull last week — until rescuers showed up and saved the sweet pup.

    A 2-year-old pit bull terrier mix wedged his head through a cinder-block hole and got himself stuck.

    The poor pooch, named Buddy, somehow got trapped when he ran away from his owners in Phoenix, Arizona.

    When the Arizona Humane Society arrived to rescue Buddy, they spent 20 minutes carving away the cement to free his head.

    A video posted to Facebook by the Humane Society showed the tiring process of liberating the curious canine, who had gotten himself in quite the pickle.

    Two-year-old Buddy, a pit bull terrier mix, got his head stuck in a hole in a cinder-block wall.

    Eventually, enough of the cinder-block wall was chiseled away to free Buddy and reunite him with his owner — but not without a few scratches.

    Another dog who roamed near the cement wall did not want the company, biting Buddy in the face while he was helplessly stuck.

    Buddy freed by humane society
    The Arizona Humane Society rescued Buddy after he was discovered, spending 20 minutes chipping away at the cement until his head was free.

    “The other dog was not very appreciative of him being there and proceeded to bite him multiple times on the head,” veterinarian Andrew Tornell told local news.

    Buddy’s owner contacted the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control after spotting him on a map.

    Buddy reunited
    Buddy was eventually reunited with his owner.

    “Buddy’s owner was actually on that map and able to see her pet was found not too far from where she lost him. She found all the information and contacted us,” the organization’s Francisco Cabella told local news.

    “The dog is one of the friendliest dogs I had ever seen. You would not have imagined he just went through this ordeal,” he added.

    The Arizona Humane Society shared the furry friend’s predicament on Facebook, along with a video of his rescue.

    But Buddy isn’t the only dog whose curiosity got them into a sticky situation.

    Last year, a dachshund got stuck in a wine rack, while another got wedged between two walls.

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