DIY Christmas fragrance goes viral on TikTok

    Do you want a holiday home fragrance but don’t want to break the bank? Shannon Doherty has a DIY recipe that you can whip up right in your kitchen.

    The Connecticut-based lifestyle content creator shared her family’s festive fragrance recipe to TikTok a day after Thanksgiving, and she says it’ll make your house “smell like Christmas.”

    All it takes to make the holiday scent is a pot full of water, cranberries, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves and rosemary. Doherty brings the pot to a simmer to release the sweet and spicy scent.

    “Everyone is going to want to come to your house cause it’s going to smell so good,” Doherty said in her 13-second video.

    While it’s not mandatory that you mix the food-based fragrance in a glass pot, Doherty chose to do so, and it created a beautiful display.

    “My grandma and mom have been doing this every year for holidays since I was a little girl,” Doherty, 37, told Fox News. “People love this recipe and love doing it at home and seeing how great it smells. It really adds to your house during the holidays.”

    Doherty’s video has been viewed more than 56,700 times on TikTok. Dozens of users have flocked to the video’s comment section to share their thoughts and interest.

    Doherty posts regular holiday hacks, recipes, and DIY tutorials to her TikTok account.
    Shannon Doherty opens bowl of fragrance
    Doherty’s video has been viewed more than 56,700 times on TikTok.

    Doherty, a proud mother of four, has been posting regular holiday hacks, recipes and DIY tutorials to her TikTok account – At Home with Shannon – which has more than 1.2 million followers.

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