Dior Shelves Travis Scott Collaboration After Astroworld Tragedy

Dior postpones their upcoming collaboration with Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack label following the incidents at Astroworld.

Source: Rick Kern / Getty

It’s been over a month since Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival and it seems the blame and cause of the mishap is still nowhere near being identified. Beyond public opinion, a cause or person is directly responsible and that will be the main factor in lawsuits and anything regarding accountability.

While the investigations are still ongoing, Travis is already teaming up with organizations to make concerts safer, which is obviously an important first step. Last week, Congress got involved and wanted to know exactly what went wrong according to a letter obtained by TMZ.

While public opinion is obviously pointing blame to Travis Scott, the fallout is still on a tour of his business partnerships. Now, Dior is officially shelving his collaboration with the fashion giant weeks after the initial event tragedy.

A source familiar with the Dior situation told Complex that the latest move marked a:

“mutual decision made by both Dior and Travis Scott to postpone the upcoming collection due in Jan ‘22 with both parties working to reschedule the launch at a later date.”

Nike has done the same with a slate of upcoming sneakers collaborations with Travis, as well. Hopefully, at some point in 2022, we finally make sense of how all this happened.


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