David Adefeso Shows Fans His Three Sisters And They Are In Awe

David Adefeso just showed fans his three sisters and people cannot get enough of his family. Check out the pic that he dropped on social media below.
‘My 3 sisters. Guess which is oldest and which is youngest? Ronnie runs a thriving catering business and at the same time manages her husband, BobbyO’s, large medical practice in Dallas FW. Abby is a Medical Doctor. Family medicine. She also makes clean herbal products that enriches our beautiful melanin African skin. And then there’s Mo. She’s has a PhD; so I think we’re supposed to call Dr. Mo. Instead, we call her The Beast! She’s changing the African education system one brick at a time; she advises governors and Presidents on policy, and has “hung out” with the Queen of England (I heard more than once!’ David began his message.
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He continued: ‘This is why I work so hard…..I ain’t getting left behind by these ultra-smart women!!!’
Someone said: ‘Oldest is in the middle and youngest is at the left,’ and one othe follower said: ‘Middle is the oldest, 1st is the middle and 3rd is the youngest….’
Someone else said: ‘What a beautiful family. Your parents must be so proud,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘ think they may pounce on you for having people guess who’s the oldest…. Just a hunch as a woman lol!’
A fan said: ‘So awesome! I love it! You are smart because they would’ve given you an extremely hard time if you were lazy. Beautiful family!’ and someone else posted this: ‘The Aunty in glasses is the oldest while Aunty with the pink jewelry is the youngest.’
In other news, David Adefeso is explaining to fans and followers what they need to know about emergency funds. Check out his post here.
‘An emergency fund acts as your safety net in life, and is your ticket to financial independence. Here, I show you 3 painless ways to build an emergency fund without materially affecting your lifestyle. Click on the link in my bio for the full episode of #WealthDemystified,’ David captioned his post.

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