David Adefeso Shares Precious Financial Advice With Fans

David Adefeso shared precious advice for his fans and followers. Check out what he is saying about stocks.
‘As with anything else in life, the secret to buying great stocks is to NEVER OVERPAY. How do you know you’re overpaying for a stock? Here, I show you a few easy and painless techniques to do so without having to hire expensive financial advisors like me. #explorepage #Explore #viral #wealthbuilding #financialfreedom,’ David captioned his post.
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A commenter posted this: ‘Thanks for always dropping these little nuggets of investing wisdom. I can’t wait to put this into practice.’
He also praised MLK.
‘As we continue the arduous but necessary journey of fighting for, and demanding, equal social and economic rights within this never ending American experiment we call democracy; We must constantly reflect on the guiding principles our great spiritual leader left us with more than a half century ago,’ he began his message.
He continued and said: ‘Principles that must abide even as we witness the following deeply troubling statistics within our country today:. 1 out of 5 black people in America lives in poverty
. 1 out of every 3 black children goes hungry daily
. At $24,000, the average black person is worth 8 times less than the average white person
. Today, Black unemployment rate is twice that of whites
. The average Black person make 40% less than the average white person.’
David also said: ‘These principles of love, togetherness, faithfulness, peaceful resistance, and above all, COURAGE. Courage to speak up so our voices are heard clearly—that despite 70 arduous and never ending years of struggles for equality, this equality still evades us in America today. Happy MLK Day!’
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A post shared by David Adefeso | Entrepreneur (@david.adefeso)
David Adefeso   just got back from his vacay, and he made sure to show his fans a video in which he’s addressing his flight back. Check out the post that he dropped on his social media account below.
‘It was a great flight back in. Best I’ve had on a commercial airline in a while. I was cruising down the aisle…at least until I hit the immigration line for US citizens. What the…#%&!! I’ll admit that I do enjoy the good life and splurging on those things that make life easier and more delightful,’ David began.
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