Daunte Wright’s mother Katie Bryant testifies against ex-cop Amy Potter

Lord, have mercy…

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Yesterday was another heartbreaking day in a year that has likely seen quite a few if you’re Katie Bryant. Katie is the mother of Daunte Wright, the young Black man who was gunned down by former Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis police officer Amy Potter on April 11th of this year. Potter was one of several officers who was attempting to arrest Wright during a traffic stop. When he tried to evade arrest in his car, Potter pulled out her gun and fatally shot him. She would later confess that she mistakenly grabbed her Glock service weapon instead of her taser. Wright had presented no threat to the officers, nor did he possess a weapon. There was no reason for him to be killed, but alas…

Katie Bryant swore an oath and took the stand to testify against Potter in her manslaughter trial yesterday. Potter was charged with first and second-degree manslaughter following the fatal shooting. Bryant described the worst day of her life saying that she identified her 20-year-old son’s body via FaceTime before arriving on the scene to confirm his identity with her own two eyes. Daunte’s mother said that he had called her nervously while being pulled over and she assured him that everything would be ok. Moments later she FaceTimed Daunte to ensure his safety after hearing a scuffle and a screaming woman answered the phone holding the camera directly toward his lifeless body. Upon arrival, Bryant says she instantly recognized her son by his sneakers.

Suffice to say, this video is very difficult to watch…

According to CNN, Potter’s trainee, Officer Anthony Luckey, also testified Wednesday saying that he pulled Wright over for a hanging air freshener on his rearview mirror. In the body camera video that many of us have seen, Luckey, a Black man, can be heard comforting reassuring Potter after she proclaimed, “I’m gonna go to prison.”

The jury in this case consists of seven White men, four white women, two Asian women, and one, count her, ONE Black woman.

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