Can I use COVID mandates as an excuse to quit New York?

    Looks like we not only have an imbecile for a mayor, but our new governor isn’t far behind, issuing mask mandates indoors again and vaccine mandates. This city and state are screwed. What do you think about using that as an excuse to quit my job and moving to a new city?

    Here’s some career advice: Keep a low profile for the time being. I know you didn’t want to leave the office and your fall from grace felt sudden, but you had your shot and sour grapes is unbecoming. As for everyone else — listen, I love NY, I’m born and raised and Sinatra’s “New York, New York” is my anthem. That said, I can’t deny that the city doesn’t feel the same. The hustle and bustle has started to return but it feels more annoying now than energizing. Quality of life feels different for many, so you wouldn’t be alone in wanting to put down roots elsewhere. I might reframe the rationale for a prospective new employer, since anger doesn’t play well on job interviews and neither does politics, but saying that you want a different experience at this point in your life is certainly credible and a valid reason for quitting a job.

    I’m a healthcare worker, and I’m not vaccinated. As I understand the COVID vaccine mandate, you have to be able to transmit the virus to patients or coworkers, but I work from home without contact with anyone. How can my job be taken away? My employer hasn’t given me a straight answer.

    Remote workers are required to disclose their vaccination status, regardless of profession.
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    It’s difficult to give straight answers because the government announces guidelines, then someone challenges them in court, then a court issues a temporary stay, and on and on. Currently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines requiring vaccination or weekly testing applies to employers with at least 100 employees, but exempts remote workers. But, while remote workers and those who work exclusively outdoors are exempt from the vaccine-or-testing requirement, they are included in determining if an employer has 100 workers. Also, the requirement to record the vaccination status of employees applies to remote workers. All of this is being challenged in court and some or all may change. Or not!

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