Brunch bill adds ‘scam’ surcharge to cover server’s healthcare

    Here’s a tip: Pay your employees what they’re owed.

    A diner is calling out a “scam” surcharge on her brunch bill added to cover the restaurant worker’s health insurance.

    TikTok user Jillian, @killjill___, posted a video showing her receipt from a brunch she attended in June, highlighting a surcharge added to her bill that read: “Staff benefits (3.50%).”

    Jillian then asked her waitress what the charge meant, and was told it was so they can have health care.

    “I was flabbergasted,” she admitted in the clip with over 2.4 million views.

    “So you’re telling me every two weeks, it’s money taken out of my check to pay for my health insurance just so when I go to the doctor I still [have to] pay them more money to treat me, and then pay more money to get my meds from the pharmacy,” she reiterated in disbelief.

    The TikToker Jillian was in disbelief over what the surcharge was for.
    TikTok / killjill___
    The bill had a line for 'staff benefits.'
    The bill had a line for “staff benefits.”
    TikTok / killjill___

    “And now companies are allowed to put the burden for paying for their employees health care on customers? Like what?” she said.

    According to the National Restaurant Association, employers are not required to cover health insurance for their employees unless they are full time.

    Thousands of people commented on the video, many saying they were tired of owners not giving their employers the benefits they deserve and not paying them more — while also pointing out it wasn’t the employees’ fault it was on the bill.

    “All y’all in the comments saying that’s the tip then. Like come on, this ain’t the employees’ fault,” a user wrote.

    “And I feel like the owners KNOW this is going to impact their staffs tips which is even more messed up smh,” Jillian replied.

    “So we payin tip AND their benefits,” commented another.

    “Customers always seem to bare the burden,” wrote another. “If you cannot afford to pay your staff, you probably can’t afford to have a business!!”

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