Brinlee Miles makes husband dig through trash for presents he ‘threw’ away

    When you’ve got so many people to shop for, it can be hard to remember exactly where you’ve put all the presents.

    And that’s just what happened to one woman, who accused her husband of accidentally throwing away a bag of presents she’d left on the side.

    After sending him out to rifle through their garbage, she then discovered the bag of presents hidden safely away in her closet.

    Taking to her TikTok page, Brinlee Miles shared a video of her husband — decked out in a suit and tie — digging through the garbage.

    “My husband accidentally threw away a bag of Christmas presents that I left on the counter,” she wrote in the video.

    “He looked FOREVER and couldn’t find it.”

    She then turned the camera onto her self, with her hand over her mouth, and admitted: “I just found it in the closet. I forgot I put it there.”

    Brinlee admitted her wrongdoing in the caption for the video, in which she wrote: “Babe, if you’re seeing this, i owe you one.”

    Viewers were quick to comment on the hilarious video, with many offering their suggestions for how Brinlee could get out of the situation.

    “Lol he’s just ruined his best clothes looking for that bag,” one person wrote.”

    “Put it outside when he’s not looking then go get it and tell him he must of missed it.”

    “So you’re going to have to go put it in the trash and act like you found it and he’s blind lol,” another person suggested.

    Someone else explained they’d found themselves in a similar situation, as they wrote: “Lol, I did that to my hubby.

    “Thought I threw away $100 and it ended being in my lunchbox.”

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