Bob Saget reveals he was entering comedy prime in final podcast

Bob Saget left his fans a parting gift, and it serves as bittersweet evidence that he was hitting his comedic stride at the time of his death.

The final episode of the late, beloved actor’s podcast, “Bob Saget’s Here For You,” was posthumously released on Monday, just over a week since the “Full House” star was found dead at age 65 in a Florida hotel room.  

In the last installment, Saget spoke with musician, fashion designer and fellow comedian Margaret Cho about everything from their long friendship to their eternal love of comedy.

“I didn’t know I was going to love stand-up as much as I love it,” said Saget in the 1-hour, 14-minute segment, adding that he had recently become more enamored with the craft than ever before.

“I haven’t loved it this much since I started, I think,” he revealed.

Saget had previously signaled his newfound happiness in a final Instagram post on Jan. 9, in which he celebrated his final, two-hour gig that night in Florida. “I’m back in comedy like I was when I was 26,” he wrote. “I guess I’m finding my new voice and loving every moment of it.”

Cho herself took to Instagram to reflect on the episode and what a wonderful guy Saget was.

“[It] was really easy to talk to Bob,” the 53-year-old comic captioned a clip of their conversation. “I wish I were not his final guest and I wish there were more to come from him. Thank you, Bob.”

The episode began with an introduction by comedian Bill Burr, a friend who said Saget was “really was there for everybody.” Indeed, the podcast was “perfectly named,” Burr suggested, because Saget was “just truly one of the funniest human beings I ever met and also one of the nicest. He was as funny as he was nice.”

In addition to his career, Saget also discussed his recent fight with COVID-19 in the episode. “It is not good; it does not feel good,” he said, before joking that “at one point Omicron was opening for Delta, but Omicron got so big that Delta’s opening now.”

Margaret Cho on the final episode of Saget’s podcast.
Courtesy of “Bob Saget’s Here For You”

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