Billie Eilish And Her Alleged Lover Jesse Rutherford Dressed As An Elderly Man And A Baby For Halloween, Respectively, To Make Light Of Their Decade-Long Age Difference

The artist known as The Bad Guy, who is only 20 years old, and her reported lover Jesse Rutherford, who is 31 years old, made light of the 11-year age gap between them by dressing up for Halloween as an infant and an elderly person, respectively.
Frontman for The Neighbourhood wore a bald cap with tufts of gray hair for his outfit, along with a similar mustache, while Eilish wore a bright pink bonnet and bib printed with teddy bears and wore makeup reminiscent of that found on baby dolls.
Although there were some supporters who stood up for the pop diva and her rumored boyfriend, you do realize that they are making fun of you, don’t you? According to one tweet, the majority of people found the couple’s costumes to be extremely disturbing.
One user tweeted, “Billie is old enough to know how odd and disturbing this is btw,” while another said, “I don’t know if Jesse rutherford knows this but dressing up in a costume that draws light of his grooming charges is precisely what a groomer would do.”
‘can’t believe Billie Eilish and Jesse rutherford didn’t dress up for Halloween,’ joked a third person, while still another described their Halloween appearances as being really strange and so awkward.
Earlier this month, the pair were photographed holding hands during Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles, which fuelled reports that they were romantically involved. Days later, Eilish and Rutherford were seen kissing during the course of a dinner date, which further fueled those rumors.
Even if they just started dating, it’s clear that they’ve known each other for a long time because a Rutherford fan account recently uploaded a picture of the two of them posing together in December 2017, when she was only 16, and he was 26.

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