Best friend steals baby name — and she’s not even pregnant

    An upset mom-to-be explained that she told her friend the name she had selected for her baby, only for her to announce that she had always liked that name and if she has a boy she’ll call her son the same.

    The woman said that she and her husband had explored a number of different names but the only one they could agree on was Miles.

    But when the pregnant woman told her friend, the friend explained that she had always planned to use that name if she had a son and they would both just have to have the same name.

    The woman explained: “A while back when out with friends we were discussing whether I’d have a boy or girl this time (I’m 20 weeks pregnant) and then we got onto the subject of names.”

    “I said for a boy we’re really struggling to find anything we like and the only name I think I like is Miles.”

    “One of my friends gasped with a ‘No, you can’t do that that’s the only name I like and that’s what I’m going to call ours if we have a boy!’ (Planning to start trying for a baby once they’ve moved out together) – she was quite serious and I laughed it off and said I’d probably have another girl anyway and not to worry.”

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    The woman and her husband explored various names but “Miles” is the only one they liked.
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    “Anyway, it’s a boy. We still only really like Miles so far although plenty of time to find more names. We went out for food recently and the name question came up again, from the friend and I jokingly said ‘Oh you don’t want to know!’ And she asked if it was Miles, she looked genuinely quite disappointed but quickly said ‘they’ll have to have the same name then, so don’t moan if I choose it too!’”

    “Although I wouldn’t care if she did end up having a boy with the same name I almost feel like I’ve taken it from her and feel quite bad, she’s such a lovely person who would do anything for anyone so I’m worried she’ll just put on a smile while resenting my choice.”

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    Users of a message board for moms took the woman’s side and said nobody owns a name.
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    Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their opinions.

    One said: “As has often been said here no one owns a name but your friend seems determined to try. Don’t feel guilty – after all you mentioned it first.”

    Another said: “I think they’ll both have to have the same name. If it really is the only name either of you like. She’s not pregnant yet so she may never have a son, you can’t not make your child a name you like over a hypothetical future child. She has at least 9 months to get used to the idea or think of another name.”

    A third said: “First come, first served. You get first choice.”

    This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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