Ashleigh Keenan goes viral on Twitter after sharing job application mishap

    A woman who applied for around 60 jobs and didn’t hear back from any of them was left mortified after discovering what she’d sent with her applications instead of her CV.

    Ashleigh Keenan shared her hilarious tale in a post on her Twitter account, as she admitted she was more than a little embarrassed after finding out she’d sent them data from her period tracker rather than a rundown of her qualifications.

    “I will never forget applying for jobs when I was 17 for months and never hearing anything back only to realise about 60 applications later I was attaching my period tracker and not my CV,” the 23-year-old from Dublin, Ireland, tweeted.

    Since she posted it, her tweet has amassed a staggering 49.6 thousand likes, with people praising her for giving them a laugh by sharing her story.

    “Thanks for that laugh today,” someone wrote. “It made me laugh out loud. I hope you got great jobs after. You deserve it.”

    “I actually can’t breathe from laughing,” another added. “You’re a legend.”

    And a third commented: “Sorry to laugh Ashleigh but that is hilarious.”

    Other people to comment on the tweet included job recruiters, many of whom admitted that they’d also received wrong attachments from applicants.

    Ashleigh Keenan shared her hilarious story in a post on her Twitter account.

    “As a recruiter, I cannot stress to the general public enough: please check your attachments,” one wrote. “I’ve had everything from nudes, travel documents and even a death certificate.”

    And some others revealed in their replies that they’d also accidentally sent the incorrect documents alongside their applications.

    “I sent my CV under my MSN messenger email and completely forgot that the picture that went with it was me in my boxers standing to attention shall we say,” one man hilariously wrote.

    While another commented: “I applied for work once and was accidentally sending the lyrics to Hurt by Johnny Cash instead of a CV.”

    Despite being rejected from all 60 of those jobs, the mishap hasn’t affected Ashleigh too badly – she’s got an accounting degree and is an accounts manager.

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