Alicia Keys Has Something Important To Say About Jay-Z’s Performance

Alicia Key’s had something important to say about Jay-Z’s performance. Check out the message that she dropped on her social media account.
The Shade Room notes: ‘More than a decade later, folks are still curious about #LilMama’s pop up during #AliciaKeys and #JayZ’s performance at the 2009 VMAs. This time Alicia is giving insight to what Jay-Z had to say following the moment.’
‘The topic is back in the spotlight after an interview on ‘Drink Champs’ led to the question “how mad were you” in terms of Lil Mama’s unplanned interruption. Alicia instantly flashed a smile before explaining “the truth of the truth.’ TSR said.
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‘In my head, I was such a gorilla at the time I was…my eyes, I was like this is what’s happening, I’m gon’ destroy this record tonight,’ Alicia said. ‘That’s all I had in my head.’
As noted by TSR, Alicia said she “didn’t even bear witness” of Lil Mama’s presence throughout the rest of the performance. But it seems that Jay-Z took note of the entire showdown and made sure to tap Alicia about it.
‘I went backstage and Jay was like ‘so you ain’t see that,’ Alicia said. She continued:
‘And I was like ‘what.’ And he was like ‘nah you ain’t just see what just happened.’ And I was like ‘yeah we killed it that’s what just happened.’
Someone said: ‘Bruh why the end look like she steppin into the pic but still gettin’ diddy cropped out but she was feelin’ it tho, can’t blame her. NY shxt, nah mean?’
A follower posted this: ‘Sitting & waiting for Lil Mama to join the chat!!’ and a follower said: ‘I get second hand embarrassment every single time.’
Someone else said: ‘The performance really wouldn’t have been memorable without that moment,’ and a follower said: ‘Usually lil mama would be so quick to be in the comments so where she at.’
Someone else said: ‘This will forever be the most cringe moment in history! Love Lil Mama, but this was the biggest NO MA’AM! ‘ and a commenter posted this: ‘I still can’t get over why she did this omg the second hand embarrassment.’

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