A TikTok Shows Everyone in France Wearing the Same Sweater

Writing about TikTok-viral fashion moments is a fun mix of business and pleasure for me. Often I’ll find myself scrolling through the app for pure entertainment and I’ll end up finding a story idea to publish on Who What Wear. That was the case when I came across Sal Croker’s TikTok video that showed dozens of girls in France wearing the exact same thing: a white or cream sweater with black Breton stripes. Croker lives in Rennes, France, a city in the Brittany region, but it’s safe to say the sweater has a chokehold on the country at large. 

The algorithm must know me well because I saw the video before it went viral, but now it’s racked up nearly 2 million views, over 345,000 likes, and over 1500 comments. Scroll down to watch the video and shop for the popular sweater in question. 

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