7 Reasons Margot Robbie’s Makeup Always Look Flawless

As Dubroff explained in person, healthy, glowing, well-prepped skin is pretty much a be-all and end-all when it comes to great makeup application—regardless of who her client is. And while she says that she’ll reveal her in-depth skin, foundation, and complexion prep for Robbie in the future, (which we’ll wait for with bated breath), her first and foremost tip for capturing Margot Robbie’s makeup magic is nailing the perfect pop of pink, creamy blush.

Apply a creamy pink blush with your fingers on the apple of your cheeks straight after foundation, and let it sit,” she shares. “Then, after the rest of the face is done, a light dusting of loose powder should go on top, followed by a powder blush—like a whisper—using a fan brush.”

Dubroff explains that doing this as a last step at the end lets her know how much more she needs so that the entire face-and-makeup look is balanced. Below, the exact formulas she recommends along with our favorite loose powder and fan brush. 

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