7 Realistic Holiday Outfits I’m Wearing For Every Occasion

What to wear during the holiday season is always a tricky one. Do we want to shop for alluring looks to wear at our office parties to look like a smoke show for our dreamy Italian coworker (okay, I am referencing Love Actually) or do we invest in more conservative pieces because our aunts and uncles present at most of our family gatherings won’t appreciate our most trend-forward buys? I always struggle with how to get dressed up for all the holiday events on my calendar because there is a large part of me that is torn between looking super chic vs. feeling at my most comfortable. Throw in the added challenge that we are still living in tricky times and we definitely want to make this upcoming holiday season a special one.

From curve-hugging dresses to luxe velvet pieces to comfy sets, I have all my favorite outfits listed below for whatever event you have coming your way. Even if your grand holiday plans include spending it on your own in front of the TV with your cat and a bottle of wine. Whatever the occasion calls for, I have you covered. Keep reading to see all the outfits I have planned for fancier parties, lounge-at-home days, and everything in between.

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