7 Black-Owned Skincare Brands to Try in 2022

Many of you know how much I love Eadem and the brand’s debut product the Milk Marvel Dark Spot Corrector. Unsurprisingly, co-founders Alice Lin Glover and Marie Kouadio Amouzam were inspired to create an item that addressed the needs of people of color without being harmful. That sounds like it would be a given, right? Wrong. There are unfortunately plenty of toxic ingredients in products marketed toward those with melanin-rich skin.

“My co-founder Marie and I have always been pretty obsessed with skincare, and years before starting Eadem, would have fun swapping tips with each other,” says Glover. “It was through these conversations that we noticed just how many ‘tweaks’ we’d both have to make to create a safe yet effective skincare routine that actually worked for our melanin-rich skin without altering or lightening it. We decided to follow our intuition and create a brand designed specifically for women like us—one that’s not pushing the homogenous western beauty ideals you see everywhere, and instead celebrates our diverse skin tones and cultures. Eadem is not a marketing play on the clean beauty trend or diversity for the sake of diversity—it’s about the real needs and unique perspectives of women of color.”

What makes the Milk Marvel Dark Spot Corrector the perfect product to address these needs? Its well-researched and thoughtful formulation. “After years of research, Marie and I came to realize that we weren’t the only ones dealing with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation—it’s actually the number one reason people of color visit the dermatologist! Our serum is designed to gently and effectively target dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation without lightening the overall skin tone. Our product formulation philosophy is built around Smart Melanin Beauty, which means that we only use high-performance, melanin-compatible ingredients with proven efficacy on skin of color. Our active ingredients are carefully chosen and used at the most efficient dosage to be gentle on skin, without aggravating it or altering skin tone. One key ingredient we use is amber algae. It targets only excess pigmentation and is supported by other star ingredients like licorice root, niacinamide and encapsulated vitamin C, which further brightens, smooths, and removes excess pigmentation.”

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