6 Elevated Fashion Basics for All Ages to Wear in 2022

Melissa Meyers is an influencer we tap often for style advice. She lives in Los Angeles, and her daughter, Rachel Meyers, recently moved to New York City. We actually recently showcased the trends they’ve been wearing coast to coast. “Even though we now live on opposite coasts (with lots of visits in between), we still share a similar style aesthetic,” Melissa told us. On that note, we wanted to garner further insight into other items they agree on.

Like many of us, the Meyers women consider their basics to be the foundational pieces in their wardrobes. So we thought we’d learn more about the specific elevated basics (you know, those next-level, updated basics) that they bought to wear now and will plan to wear even more of as we head into the New Year.

Keep scrolling to check out the elevated basics these women will be standing behind in 2022, complete with styling and shopping inspiration.

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