6 Chic Leather Pants Outfits to Wear This Winter

Let’s admit it: Everyone and their mama has leather pants by now. I only truly realized this after seeing a TikTok video in which all the girls were in line for the club dressed in black leather pants and white tops. My heart really felt for them all—there are very few things worse than having the exact same outfit as someone else, let alone everyone else. I was so shook that my impulsive Aries moon took the reins, telling me to throw away my leather pants expeditiously. Then I realized the leather pants didn’t do anything wrong—it’s the lazy styling that brought us here. 

In an effort to bring love and light into this world, I spent some time on Instagram researching unique styling ideas for leather pants to ensure this doesn’t happen to you or me for that matter. Keep scrolling to see six outfits styled with leather pants that are both easy to accomplish and have a clear perspective.

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