5 Ways to Style Legging Outfits in 2022

If you’re a leggings lover, you’re going to, well, love what’s coming your way. Yep, I’m dedicating this entire piece to stylish outfits to wear with your favorite leggings—whether you favor a classic style or a trendier silhouette with split hems. Specifically, I thought I’d showcase the fresh 2022 staples that really just look perfect when teamed with leggings.

The items in question are described as fresh staples because of their of-the-moment feel. In addition, the pieces in the edit are all highly versatile in nature, so they really could be styled with a range of pieces, leggings included. I’m talking about everything from forward outerwear silhouettes to cozy knitwear picks. With all that in mind, keep scrolling for a ton of A+ leggings inspiration.

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