3 Holiday Party Outfits That Make a Statement

As a child, I played dress-up all the time. I even had a dedicated box filled with tulle dresses, glittery heels I couldn’t actually walk in, and more tiaras than any non-royal needs to own. I still remember the joy of putting on a fancy and often dramatically sparkly outfit without anywhere to wear it. My looks at the time may have been wildly over the top, but that was precisely the point. Now that I actually have places to wear these types of pieces, you better believe I’m going to.

This holiday season, I’m remembering what it’s like to play dress-up again because holiday parties are back and just as festive as ever. While I no longer have a dress-up box, I do have an excuse to wear fancy dresses, complete with as many sparkly accessories as I want, outside of my home again. Prada is making it easy with its latest holiday collection, which features crystal-adorned footwear, sequin handbags, and more shimmery dresses and skirts than I’ll have time to wear this month. Here’s how I’d style the pieces for my big return to holiday parties this year. My 7-year-old self would be very pleased.


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