29 Fashion Finds That I Refuse to Enter 2022 Without

When it comes to exciting trends and new It-girl fashion finds, I sure do talk a lot of talk. You’ll hear me going on and on about the latest micro-trend or the jacket I think everyone should have. But I don’t always make a move on all of these exciting things right away. As I begin to say goodbye to 2021, I’m having fun looking back at all of the memories this year has brought me. During this trip down memory lane, my fashion-editor brain has of course reminded me of a number of trends and cool finds that I never got a chance to fully commit to.

Thus I have an annual tradition of ending the year by putting my money where my mouth is and diving into a series of shopping sprees across my favorite sites. My current favorite at the moment is Nordstrom with that free and fast shipping that always helps me seal the deal. And it satisfies every fashion need that I can think of.

I’ve spent the year analyzing the trends that will either stay or go, and I can promise you my selects are here for the long run. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, I promise you a little scroll through this article will do the trick.

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