11 Cute Snow Outfits Fashion People Are Wearing This Winter

My toxic trait is waiting till it’s actually snowing to purchase snow-appropriate clothing. There comes a time when we all must face our demons and do better, which is what brings me here today. Luckily, fashion girls are coming in hot with all the inspiration we need to get ahead of things and plan our winter wardrobes now. After all, it can be tough to muster the energy to dress cute when it’s freezing outside, your landlord hasn’t gotten around to fixing the heater, and you’re filled with regret for not paying for coat check last night because now you have someone else’s black puffer. No excuses now, my friend! I’ve gathered 11 snow outfits from Instagram that range from super casual to luxe to satisfy every type of snow personality out there.

Keep scrolling to find an epic pair of ERL ski pants, a shaggy coat practically plucked from the set of Almost Famous, and even a $200 faux fur–lined coat that should probably be $1000. Mess around and you might even be prepared this year—a concept.

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