10 Outdated Winter Boot Trends and Their 2021 Replacements

Over the past few months, we’ve made predictions based on the fall trends we’d want to wear and planned out the outfit combinations we’d be trying. But now that we’re well acquainted with our cold-weather wardrobes, we have to admit that, well, we’ve been playing favorites. Of all the boot trends on deck this season, each of our editors has cherry-picked the styles that speak to them the most and have been prioritizing those top picks. The change in seasons comes hand in hand with our desire for a wardrobe refresh—starting with a winter-boot upgrade.

To find out what we’ll actually be wearing throughout the winter, we discussed the winter boot trends we’re phasing out due to their somewhat outdated nature. Delicate and tall-heeled boots aren’t making the cut this season for these editors, but instead, many of us are leaning toward chunkier utilitarian styles this season. Keep scrolling to uncover the boots—from the 2021 update to wedge boots (yep, they’re back) to platform stompers—we’re considering to inspire your next winter shopping haul.

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