10 Jeans-and-Boots Outfits We’re Wearing on Repeat

I’m all for a little style experimentation, but some outfit combinations are too good to be messed with. That goes for sneakers and sweatpants, high-waisted jeans, and white tees. But above all else is one of the most timeless pairings: boots and jeans. The allure is pretty simple. The outfit is no-fuss, incredibly chic, and so highly versatile that virtually any top it’s styled with comes out looking equally amazing. It also doesn’t hurt that even a fashion novice can’t get it wrong. 

While trends come and go, jeans and boots are a perennial favorite among fashion people, which means finding fresh, new ways to wear them is as simple as opening Instagram. If even that’s too much effort, don’t worry—I’ve assembled 10 prime boot-and-jeans outfits to give you some proper inspiration. Welcome to the holiest of holy-grail outfit formulas. 

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